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Season 1: Anything but Dismal

Episode 6: Inequality and Unemployment Since COVID-19

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Reporter: Luke Jones

Release date: August 21, 2020 12:00 noon ET

In this episode, we focus on the pandemic’s impact on the workforce. Reporter Luke Jones speaks with economists Kate Bahn, Diane Lim, and Julieta Yung about how the pandemic is amplifying inequalities for women, Black, and Latinx workers. Jasmine Fuller, Cool Things Reporter, introduces us to charities that are helping those with workplace needs and highlights the work of Laura Montenovo. We'll close our episode with Matt Lazzarino, Little Solutions Reporter, who will highlight how businesses, communities, and working women are adapting to the new landscape. 

Kate Bahn.png

Dr. Kate Bahn

Director of Labor Market Policy


Washington Center for Equitable Growth


Dr. Diane Lim


Julieta Yung.png

Dr. Julieta Yung

Assistant Professor of Economics

Bates College

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