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Season 1: Anything but Dismal

Episode 4: Food Consumption during the Pandemic

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Reporter: Lynne Lewis

Release date: August 5, 2020 12:00 noon ET

In this episode, we focus on the impact of the pandemic on our food system. Reporter Lynne Lewis speaks with agricultural economists Jill McCluskey and Norbert Wilson about the unique challenges associated with the rapid increases in food prices and the dramatic changes in food shopping behaviors that have occurred due to the pandemic. Jasmine Fuller, Cool Things Reporter, introduces us to Shastia, a cake artist from Austin Texas and highlights the work of  Anne Byrne and David Ortega, two economists working on research related to food insecurity. We'll close our episode with Matt Lazzarino, Little Solutions Reporter, who will highlight changes made at DeLorenzo's the Burg in Levittown, PA and Chesterfield Farm in Pittsville, MD and share other small solutions people have undertaken due to the pandemic. 

Jill McCluskey.png

Dr. Jill McCluskey

Director and Regents Professor

Washington State University

Norbert Wilson.jpg

Dr. Norbert Wilson


Tufts University

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