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Pilot Season: Anything but Dismal

Episode 3: Online K-12 Education

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Reporter: Jimena González-Ramírez

Release date: July 26, 2020 7:00 pm ET

In this episode, we look at how lessons from education research can be used to reduce the learning losses from online learning. Reporter Jimena González-Ramírez speaks with education researchers Carycruz Bueno, Maya Escueta, and Cassandra Hart about the learning losses associated with online learning and how technology and other innovative approaches can be used to reduce these losses. Jasmine Fuller, Cool Things Reporter, explains the "Bored Teacher" project and highlights the work of Nick Huntington and Gema Zamarro Rodriguez, two education economists working on research that can be used to improve learning outcomes of disadvantaged groups. We'll close our episode with Matt Lazzarino, Little Solutions Reporter, who will share small solutions to improve online learning at home.

Carycruz Bueno.jpg

Dr. Carycruz Bueno

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Annenberg Institute

Brown University

Escueta, Maya_Headshot.jpg

Maya Escueta

Doctoral Candidate, Economics and Education

Teachers College

Columbia University

Cassandra Hart.jpg

Dr. Cassandra Hart

Associate Professor

School of Education

University of California Davis

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