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Pilot Season: Anything but Dismal

Episode 2: Behaviors to Fight COVID-19

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Reporter: Sarah Jacobson
Release date: July 19, 2020 7:00 pm ET

In this episode, we look at how lessons from behavioral economists can be used to encourage people to take actions that will reduce the spread of COVID-19. Reporter Sarah Jacobson speaks with behavioral economists Syon Bhanot, Paul Ferraro, and Linda Thunstrom about how role modeling, peer pressure, and messaging from trusted experts can help encourage people to adopt behaviors that will slow the spread of COVID-19. Matt Lazzarino, Little Solutions Reporter, presents solutions to a few little problems. Jasmine Fuller, Cool Things Reporter, explains the international Mask Project and highlights the work of Anne Karing and Velario Capraro, two behavioral economists working on impactful research related to COVID-19. 


Dr. Syon Bhanot

Assistant Professor of Economics

Swarthmore College

Academic Website


Good for You or Good for Us?: A Field Experiment on Motivating Citizen Behavior Change

Partisan Polarization and Resistance to Elite Messages: Results from Survey Experiments on Social Distancing

Paul Ferraro.png

Dr. Paul Ferraro

Bloomberg Distinguished Professor

Carey Business School

Whiting School of Engineering

Johns Hopkins University


Dr. Linda Thunström

Assistant professor

Department of Economics 

University of Wyoming

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