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Pilot Season: Anything but Dismal

Episode 1: Sports and the Pandemic

Heading 1

Reporter: John Whitehead

Release date: July 15, 2020 9:00 pm ET

In this episode, we look at how the pandemic has impacted sports and sporting events and how we can open the pro sports season again. Reporter John Whitehead speaks with sports economists Pam Wicker and Brad Humphreys about the spread of COVID-19 at sporting events, the use of bubbles in training, and the implications of ghost games for the players and the fans. Matt Lazzarino, Little Solutions Reporter, presents solutions to a few little problems. Jasmine Fuller, Cool Things Reporter, highlights the work of Jill Harris and Trevon Logan, two sports economists who have completed some impactful research in sports economics, and the work of Larry Moreno, a student-athlete from St. Francis College.  

Brad Humphreys.jpg

Dr. Brad Humphreys


Department of Economics

West Virginia University

Pam Wicker.jpg

Dr. Pamela Wicker


Bielefeld University

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