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The AbD Team


Jill Caviglia-Harris

Dr. Jill Caviglia-Harris is a Professor of Economics in the Economics & Finance and Environmental Studies Departments at Salisbury University. She has served as the Principal Investigator on over 10 grants and has established mentorship and scholars programs that expand diversity in economics.


José Fernández

Dr. José M. Fernández is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Economics Department at the University of Louisville and a leader in national efforts to diversify economics. He is the Past President of the American Society of Hispanic Economists.

Kim Holder

Kim Holder is President of the National Association of Economic Educators, Director of the University of West Georgia’s Center for Economic Education and Financial Literacy, and Sr. Lecturer of Economics. Her work broadens the reach of economics to diverse audiences.


Jimena González-Ramírez

Dr. Jimena González-Ramírez is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Manhattan College. Her research is focused on environmental behaviors. She also studies pedagogy techniques and engages in diversity initiatives and programs, including peer mentoring.


Sarah Jacobson

Dr. Sarah Jacobson is an Associate Professor of Economics at Williams College. She is an environmental and behavioral economist and also writes and speaks about pedagogical methods and diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Luke Jones

Dr. Luke Jones is a Professor of Economics and founding Director of the Valdosta State University Experimental Economics Laboratory. He is active in campus efforts on diversity and inclusion, including supporting underrepresented minorities in economics.

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